Gathering on Mission

Here at FOTH we desire to honor God. We are a group of people that take God’s word serious and desire to live obedient to His call to make disciples. 

Over the last year we have made a transition as a “faith family” here in Tallahassee. We have been seeking God and asking Him to bring clarity when it comes to living life as followers of Jesus. 

What makes me most excited about this journey that we are on as a faith family is the way we have been willing to put aside what we think we know and have been willing to ask the question, what would please Jesus? 

As we explore living a life of purpose and mission, we are seeking to honor God with all that we are and all that we do. And it has been a great pleasure to see God grow a passion and calling in the lives of our family. 

This past week we got to join God on mission through the lives of two of our family members. We prayed over them and then sent them off for training to prepare for an amazing mission over seas. 

Our prayer is that God will be honored with our lives and that our gathering will be a pleasing aroma to our Lord. We maybe a small group, but we are a faith family seeking to live God honoring lives. 

M&S, we are praying daily for you both as you follow Jesus to serve Him on mission (due to the sensitivity of the over seas mission, we don’t use names- just initials).